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The Excel Centre
Dr. Keith To's Program

We do not train, we develop!
We do not help you, we help you to help more people helping themselves!

Institute of Influence

Influencing is not an Art!

When people do not understand it, they think that it must be an art or else why not everyone is a great persuader?!

It is a Science. Not everybody being a person of influece simply because science of persuasion is one of the best kept secrets.
All our teachings are based on most-updated scientific researches. It is about how people thinks, responds and reacts!

It is a Science. You can influence others with great ease when you have the scientific systems of influencing.

You can be one of the greatest persuaders, if you know the secrets.


1. Super Writing Sysyem

You are going to learn how to write to impress, through our writing formula. Easily applied to different situations.

Schedule & More Details

2. Hypno-Communication

Learn how to communicate with the Subconscious Minds of others. You can persuade much "quietly" and with power by applying these models of persuasion gurus.

Next Workshop: Aug 15-16, 19 2012

3. Hypno-Persuasion

An advanced course in Hypno-Communication. You will understand what really is effective persuasion in this program.

This is also part of our Master NLP Practitioner Program.

Next Workshop: Feb 2015


4. Hypno-Selling

Selling is never a hard work if you have mastered the how to of being a Hypno-Seller.

Next Workshop: 2014


5. Mental Affecting Points Boot-Camp

You always hear others saying that we all have "hot-buttons" on us. Yes, there are "buttons" of being affected everywhere in our minds.

These "buttons" are the Mental Affecting Points. In this boot-camp, you are going to dissect people's mind to locate all the 78 Mental Affecting Points!

Next Workshop: 2014


6. Level 3 Secrets of Influencing Seminar


In this seminar, you learn nothing but the Level 3 Secrets, highest level of secrets in influencing and persuading others!

Completely new program & completely new material!

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